Eloquence is the Annual Conference of District 98, Toastmasters International. This year, it will be held from 18th to 20th May 2018 at the Novotel Hyderabad International Convention Center.

The conference will bring together over 500 Toastmasters from across India for an unmatched experience. Attendees will get to witness the District International Speech Contest, which will feature nine of India's finest orators vying for the chance to represent India at the World Championship of Public Speaking!

Eloquence will also host world-renowned speakers, activists, storytellers, and leaders who are ready to inspire and enthrall audiences at the conference!


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A District conference is a melting point of cultures, personalities, and ideas. Experiencing it as an organizer is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we invite all Toastmasters from across District 98 to utilize it to the fullest!

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Eloquence 2018 is all about giving the power of choice to members. You can choose your identity, choose your conference agenda, so why not have the power to choose your accommodation?

Eloquence Premiere Accommodation - Beat the heat with walk-in access to the Eloquence stage and experience power networking beyond the conference with champions, leaders, and speakers and enjoy 5-Star amenities (There's even a pool!) and a scrumptious buffet breakfast.

Eloquence Economy Accommodation - Stay close to the action and explore Hyderabad in this brand new property. Just a 10-minute drive to the Eloquence stage and located minutes from the most popular eateries and pubs in the city! Transporation to the venue will be provided at no cost at fixed times.

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If you would like to come a few days early or stay late and enjoy the City of Pearls, register below for the extended accommodation options at the same discounted price -

Here are a few important details about Eloquence:

  1. The venue is Novotel Hyderabad International Convention Center (
  2. The registrations desk opens on 18th May at 2 PM. Unconference segment and the Candidates corner will be open, so don't miss this opportunity to get in some fun before the conference begins!
  3. The conference ends (sadly, it must) at 6 PM on 20th May after three days that will contain the experiences of a lifetime!


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Think beyond what a Toastmasters conference can offer with Unconference @ Eloquence! This is an amazing platform to showcase and teach your craft to Toastmasters from across India. Watch the video to see what's in store and read on if you want in on the action!

Unconference @ Eloquence is all about sharing a part of what makes you, you... with others! A part of you that someone can not only learn to appreciate but also learn, imbibe and recreate in 5-10 minutes.

Performing Arts - Can you teach Zumba? Krav maga?

Linguistic Arts - Are you good at creating Haiku? Acapella singing?

Creative Arts - Are you good at Origami? Candle-making?

Other Forms - Tell us your unique skill!

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Entertainment at Eloquence is going to be the most exciting you've ever seen. Don't believe us? Read on!

Did you know that Eloquence is happening during the holy month of Ramzaan? Experience the unique culture of Hyderabad at its peak - enjoy the food, soak in the heritage and of course, go nuts shopping! To give you the real taste of Hyderabad, Eloquence is organizing a #RamzaanNightWalk on the night of 18th May. Mouth watering yet? Registrations opening soon!

The fun is just getting started. What has two ears, a bowtie and is naughty in black and white? The Playboy Bunny! Are you ready for a night of fun filled action, dance, and PARTAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!! At Play Night turn up the heat, set fire to the dance floor and get a little tipsy! Early bunnies get a discounted ticket! Register now -

#Dreamers, #Fighters and #Mavericks of District 98, do you have talent to showcase on the big stage? This is your chance to show the world what you're capable of! The Eloquence Entertainment team is excited to hear from you! Nominate for Eloquence Entertainment at -


PechaKucha at Eloquence - How much can you get across in 400 seconds?

PechaKucha is a Japanese word loosely translated as 'chit chat'. It is a great way to showcase your ideas or passion in 400 seconds (20 images x 20 seconds). PechaKucha is an exciting section of Eloquence, a chance to share your ideas with Toastmasters across District 98. Register as a presenter -


Transfers of Eloquence tickets are open till the 13th of May. The free transfer window is closed. Transfers are now chargeable at INR 500 each. The details are below:

  1. The transferor or transferee must fill out this form with the correct registration number -

  2. The transferor should send an email to confirming that their ticket should be transferred to the transferee

  3. The transfer window will remain open until the 13th of May

For any queries or concerns, you can reach out to Registrations Chair Shashidhar (7330744944) or Registrations Co-Chair Ramakanth (7330842255) or write to


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